From the Cultural Relations Committee and DPRK Associations for Friendship with European countries – About the 75th anniversary of Korea’s Liberation

Coming 15th August will mark the 75th anniversary of the Day of Korea’s Liberation.

Among Korean people, August 15th is marked as a historical day of national liberation by having their genuine country where people are true masters.

As the day comes by, people are filled with ardent yearning after the President Kim Il Sung, who liberated Korea from the colony under Japanese imperialists.

President Kim Il Sung saved the country from the loss on the world map, thus being respected as the savior of the Korean nation.

Early in the last century, Korean nation was deprived of its homeland by Japanese imperialists and was forced to suffer the sorrow of ruined nation.

More than 8.4 millions of young and middle-aged youths were recruited to the battlefields and the sweat shops of Japanese imperialists by force, around 1 million were massacred in merciless way, 20,000 women were kidnapped for sexual slavery under pretext of “comfort women for the army”. The Korean people was not allowed to use their mother tongue and they were forced to change even their names into Japanese ones.

In such a dark period of the national suffering, President Kim Il Sung set out on the road of struggle for the national liberation. While experiencing bitterly the agony and misery of the nation, he left the motherland at his early teens with the firm determination not to return unless the country would be liberated.

Since then for 20 years, President Kim Il Sung waged the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. They were the days of bloodshed fights of unimaginable severity and ordeals and also the days of unprecedented struggle that cannot be found in the record of world war history. The anti-Japanese Guerrilla fighters had to endure all kinds of difficulties of such extreme coldness and starvation while fighting fierce battles against Japanese army of a million all in their fully developed equipment.

On the contrary, the anti-Japanese guerrilla fighters were no more than

“a drop in the ocean” who had no backing from the state and regular army, while being heavily out numbered by so called “Great Japanese Imperialist” in the means of  number of persons and equipments.

But that “drop” defeated the “ocean” and created a miracle.

Under the wise leadership of the President Kim Il Sung, the anti-Japanese guerrilla fighters defeated the enemy, who enjoyed military and technical superiority, by political ideological and strategic tactical superiority even in the severe conditions and thus achieved the national liberation(15th August 1945). they totally defeated the formidable imperialist enemy who were in day dreaming of conquering the world.

President Kim Il Sung is a savior of the national rebirth, hero of the nation and the peerless patriot who liberated the country and returned happy life to all the Korean nation.

People of Korea will forever treasure the President Kim Il Sung’s immortal exploits of achieving the revolutionary cause of national liberation.

Today, world progressive mankind look up to Korea for being led by another great man, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

His speech delivered at the Sixth National Conference of War Veterans held on 27th July, Marshal Kim Jong Un stressed that Korea has become able to reliably defend itself against any form of high-intensity pressure and military threat by imperialist reactionaries and other hostile forces. Thanks to our reliable and effective self-defense nuclear deference, the word war would no longer exist on the Korean peninsula, and the security and future of the Korean nation will be guaranteed forever.

As long as Marshal Kim Jong Un leads us, Korea will be ever-victorious. We will not allow others to look down upon us, if they do so,  make them pay dearly.

Yours Sincerely,

on behalf of all Korean Associations for Friendship with European Countries