On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Friendship Association by Dr Dermot Hudson UK KFA Chairman



Greetings to all UK KFA members , supporters and friends on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean Friendship Association .

Our Korean Friendship Association was founded by comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos on the 13th of November  2000 . Since then we have never looked back . KFA is the sword and shield of People’s Korea , defending People’s Korea almost 24/7 .

KFA’s always says what it means and means what it says . For KFA it is 100 per cent support for People’s Korea with no ifs and buts , with KFA there are no half-hearted or mealy mouthed statements , we give it to people straight . Our association is open to all  with basic membership being free of charge , we do not exclude people and are not elitist .

I joined KFA in March 2001 , some 5 months after its foundation . It was a real breathe of fresh air . . I  had come across the KFA website surfing the net one day in a library . I felt a sense of excitement  at discovering KFA I became Official Delegate for the UK in April 2001 and founded UK KFA as part of the worldwide Korean Friendship Association.

There were those who said KFA should have never founded and some who tried to block our work . KFA has faced intense attacks by its enemies and all kinds of dirty tricks . I was myself victimised at my workplace and forced to leave the job because of my work in KFA and my support for People’s Korea ( where were ‘human rights, freedom and democracy ‘ ? ) . Recently Western intelligence services spent over 1 million Euros on a plot to undermine and destroy KFA but they failed . KFA is still here and here to stay whether they like it or not .

Today KFA has over 17,000 members in 120 different countries . We are conducting activities in support of People’s Korea  in all spheres online and in real life .

Happy 20th anniversary KFA  and lets aim for another 20 years , another 40 years of KFA !

Glory to KFA !

Long Live KFA !

Dr Dermot Hudson

Chairman UK KFA