Overt Attempt 

The south Korean authorities have become ever more undisguised in their moves to sustain the military confrontation with the DPRK.

The Agency for Defense Development of south Korea developed ballistic missile Hyunmoo-4 with effective range and warhead capable of striking the DPRK, while clamoring about it would greatly threaten the DPRK.

The defense budget of south Korea has been increased two times as compared with those in the corresponding period of last year and the defense budget for this year has reached to the top notch.

The south Korean authorities is going to increase range of its ballistic missile by help of the US, revealing its attempt to launch a spy satellite powered by solid fuel in the near future.

Meantime, they are stepping up the development and introduction of the latest weaponry by embarking on development of electronic magnetic pulse for destroying underground bunker of the DPRK and purchasing twenty F-35Bs capable of vertical taking off and landing out of forty stealth fighters from the US.

It is intolerable as it is a reckless military showdown with the DPRK.

Peace, much touted by the south Korean authorities, is deceptive.

The current situation proves that the present regime is little short of the past conservative regimes.

It is crystal clear that the south Korean authorities’ heedless action may entail the baneful consequences.

Broad segments of south Korean people are intensively waging an action for peace against war, while lashing out at the south Korean authorities’ development of cutting-edge weapons for military confrontation with the DPRK