Principled Stand of DPRK Government on Terrorism Clarified


Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) — The DPRK representative clarified the principled stand of the DPRK government on terrorism when discussing the agenda on measures for removal of international terrorism at the 6th Committee of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly on October 6.

Now, terrorism, which destroys global peace and security and threatens the sovereignty of countries, comes to be one of the biggest challenges facing the world, he said.

He noted that the reality demands more urgently than ever before that all the countries take a proper view of the source of terrorism and sincerely grope for the effective measures against it.

Underscoring the need to pay primary attention to eradicating the state-sponsored terrorism aimed at toppling regimes of sovereign states, ahead of others, in the international anti-terrorism war, he said that the state-sponsored terrorism aimed at regime change in sovereign states is the most serious terrorist act and amounts to a wanton violation of the UN Charter and international law that formulate the principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interference in other’s internal affairs.

However, some specified countries are branding sovereign states as “terrorism-sponsors” of their own accord to meet their interests, putting sanctions and pressure upon them and resorting to the moves for toppling regimes, while giving aids to dissident terrorist groups, he noted.

No one should allow the abuses of anti-terrorism war to be used as leverage for the political purpose of specified countries or forces, he said.

The comprehensive international anti-terrorism convention now under discussion should contain clear provisions that take issue with and eradicate the state-sponsored terrorist acts by specified countries violently infringing upon the sovereignty of independent countries with high-handed and arbitrary practices, he said.

Calling for paying reasonable attention to eradicating the source of terrorism, he said that the efforts of the international community to stop terrorism can attain the desired goal and then lead to completely terminating terrorism on earth only when priority is attached to the issue of rooting out the source of terrorism.

It is the invariable stand of the DPRK government to oppose all forms of terrorism and any support to it, he stressed.

The DPRK will as ever fulfill its responsibility and role in fundamentally terminating all forms of terrorism and defending peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the region. -0-