UK KFA Statement on British Sanctions against People’s Korea !


7th of July 2020
The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement about the so-called ‘independent sanctions’ against People’s Korea ;
 Yesterday the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced that it was imposing sanctions on two alleged entities in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) as part of its ‘new global human rights regime’ .
  Two supposed entities in the DPRK have been sanctioned by the UK for alleged “forced labour, torture and murder’  in  ‘gulags‘ in the DPRK . This is a false and nonsensical allegation as there are no ‘gulags ‘in the DPRK , gulag being a Russian term which refers to correctional labour camps that existed for a period in the former USSR .  UK KFA rejects the allegation that there are such entities in People’s Korea .
 It is truly deplorable that instead of concentrating on developing good relations with the DPRK on the basis of independence , mutual benefit and co-operation , the British government is obsessed with imposing sanctions on People’s Korea one after the other . Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union(EU) could have heralded a new era in Britain-DPRK relations with Britain tearing up EU sanctions against the DPRK and negotiating new trade deals with the DPRK.
  Some have remarked that the British government have imposed the sanctions on People’s Korea simply to please the USA as a UK-US trade deal is in the offing .
   We urge that the British government ends its shameful anti-DPRK campaign and revokes the latest sanctions .
  We believe that the UK should develop relations of friendship and co-operation with the DPRK which is in the interest of both peoples.