War Constitution Will Lead Japan to Destruction: KCNA Commentary



Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) — Japan is working hard to cook up the war constitution.

It appointed heads of six factions within the Liberal Democratic Party as advisers to the headquarters for promoting the constitution revision and made the former vice-president of the LDP who played the main role in retrogressively revising the constitution during the period of former regime remain at the post of supreme advisor.

Prime Minister Suga made a reckless remark that the whole LDP should make energetic efforts to revise the constitution.

What can not be overlooked is that the LDP is mulling completely removing a paragraph stipulating the abandonment of the right to belligerency and prohibition of possession of combat efficiency.

As well known, the former Abe regime, working hard to turn Japan into a country “capable of fighting a war” through the constitution revision, had suggested stipulating the existence of “Self-Defense Forces” together with a paragraph under Article 9 of the pacifist constitution that provides for abandonment of right to belligerency and the ban on the possession of combat efficiency in order to evade denunciation at home and abroad and deceive the public opinion.

On October 7, former secretary general of the LDP Ishiba in a lecture at the Diet building said that Abe and he were all of the same viewpoint in deleting the above-said paragraph but Abe changed his mind as he thought he might not gain a majority at the referendum, adding that anyone bereft of power to handle such a trifling matter would not be entitled to be a politician.

What matters is that the Suga regime is not showing its opposite opinions to the ill-boding movement within the LDP openly calling for deleting the paragraph 2 under Article 9 of the constitution.

This suggests that the present regime is also seeking the stipulation of the SDF in the wake of deleting the paragraph.

The paragraph concerning the abandonment of the right to belligerency and the ban on the possession of combat efficiency are the core of the pacifist constitution and a legal cornerstone that provides for provision of banning Japan, the criminal state and a defeated nation in the World War II, from opting for aggression and war.

The intention to delete the paragraph is an open challenge to our people and humankind as it means its design to take the shape of aggression state, a war state, and to repeat the past crime-woven history of aggression when they called for the “Greater East-Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” while lording it over the Asian continent in the last century.

The energetic promotion of the retrogressive revision of the constitution has aroused greater concern as the militarist zeal is running higher in the Japanese archipelago now.

The arms buildup of the SDF and its overseas advance have been intensified as evidenced by the visit to Yasukuni Shrine by politicians, offering of ancestral tribute to it, a series of provocation concerning Tok Islet issue, launch of new-type submarine to be put into commission for the maritime SDF, promotion of the operation of interceptor missile system in the sea and massive arms buildup for the possession of “ability for attacking enemy base”.

All facts prove that the Japanese reactionaries’ ambition for becoming a military giant and for launching reinvasion has become all the more undisguised and has entered the phase of implementation.

Japan running headlong into the path of invasion, being oblivious of the lesson from the past defeat in the war, is a root cause threatening peace in the region and the world.

Japan must stop running amuck, clearly aware that revision of constitution will lead it to self-destruction. -0-