Countering anti-DPRK Fake News

A number of media outlets such as Al Jazeera (which is owned and run by reactionary feudalists and Qatari bourgeoisie ) have carried fake news about the DPRK being in ‘crisis ‘ etc . Of course none of these media outlets actually have reporters in Pyongyang or have used any DPRK sources . Instead they quote ‘ South Korea’s spy agency’  ! which can hardly be described as an objective , balanced or reliable source.

In fact the Korean Central News Agency of the 2nd of February reported that ‘Different industrial sectors and units have attained their targets for the first month of this year’. Also recently the Supung Power Plant has exceeded its daily plan by 102 per cent . Everything is going well .

Al Jazeera ‘s quotes their friends in the south Korean National Intelligence Service as claiming that sugar prices have ‘quadrupled ‘ . This cannot be possible because the DPRK has a planned economy ( and has recently taken measures to strengthen the unified planning and guidance of the economy )  and a State Price Commission which controls prices . Moreover the DPRK actually produces its own Juche Sugar  so does not need to rely on imported sugar . It also  produces Juche fibre ( Vinalon -made from limestone ) , Juche fertiliser and Juche steel .

Whilst it may possibly be true that foreign trade has slightly decreased due to the sanctions , it should be remembered that in the DPRK foreign trade is only a small percentage of GDP , so would have little effect on the rest of the economy. Some journalists and policymakers forget that the DPRK has been under sanctions and blockade by the US  since 1950  and has not only survived but prospered during that period .

Visiting the DPRK in 2018 and 2019 our delegations saw no obvious or visible effects of the increased sanctions . Prices in the shops were unchanged and indeed the price of a Pyongyang Metro ticket is still the same as in 2012 .

Upholding self-reliance and self-development the DPRK will overcome all challenges and build a socialist paradise !