From Korean Associations for Friendship with Europe Countries of the DPRK Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries

On every 17th December, all of us recollect the immortal exploits of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who made great contributions to the world revolution and independence cause of mankind, and pay our highest respects to him with humble reverence.

Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il developed the Juche Idea created by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung into an immortal guiding ideology of an independent era. He attached the utmost importance to the military affairs and smashed the blackmailing, threats, sanctions and blockade of hostile forces while leading the overall national defense and the socialist cause relying on the Korean People’s Army as the main force.

Also holding high the independence, peace and friendship as fundamental basis of the foreign policy of the DPR Korea, he received lots of state and party heads, delegations and personalities and contributed greatly to the development of friendship and cooperative relations between the countries and added vitality to international efforts to build an independent new world.

He received 60700 odd pieces of gifts from the heads of parties, states and governments, personages from all strata of political and social circles and NGOs in 170 odd countries and compatriots in south Korea and overseas. Even after he passed away, figures from many countries respectfully present him decorations, medals, honorary titles and gifts.

The world independence cause, that had been carried by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, is succeeded by the Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, DPRK.

Comrade Kim Jong Un, a great defender of independence and justice, clearly delineated the tasks for building the independent world, were guaranteed the independence and equality of all nations and that is free from domination, subordination, aggression and intervention. He is safeguarding the peace and security of the Korean peninsula and the world and promoting vigorously the struggle for independence.

Highly appreciating your activities of strong support and solidarity, we firmly believe that your further activities to be conducted on the occasion of 17th December would be of great encouragement to the Korean people and the world progressive mankind.

Yours sincerely,


On behalf of all Korean Associations for Friendship with Europe Countries