From The Korean Association for Friendship with Europe Countries& DPRK Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries – Statement about the DPRK’s care for children

There is a saying that children of a country reflect its future.

Even with lots of shortcomings, our children are smiling happily while enjoying the title of the “King” of the country.

It is thanks to that we have the Respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un, boundlessly benevolent father who is succeeding the love of the Great Leaders for posterity by taking care of all our children with the fatherly love.

To the Respected General, it is the happiest moment when he is with children and it is the happiest moment when he is hearing happy laughter of children.

Therefore, even in his hectic busy days with important state affairs, the Respected General spared time to visit Kyongsang Kindergarten and Changjon Primary School when they were newly built. He paid deep concern to the children and sent rubber matting, fine assortments of amusement facilities and playthings and thousands of teaching aids and fixtures for them.

It was his motto that in our Socialist country there should be no children in sorrow or agony. Thus he instructed to rebuild the baby homes, orphanages, orphans’ primary and middle schools on the top standard and after the completion of the construction he himself paid a visit to them in the morning of the New Year’s Day.

While seeing the school uniforms, “Dandelion” branded notebooks and “Pine tree” branded school bags, we can feel the warm love of the Respected Marshal who seeks to defend the bright happiness and smile of our children.

Only this year when all the people were in the mood of happiness in greeting the New Year 2020, our Marshal paid deep concern to the production of the School Things Factory for providing “Sunflower” branded school supplies to the children of preschool ages. He took detailed measures even in the transportation of the supplies to the remote areas of the country.

It is the noble spirit of our Respected Marshal Kim Jong Un that we have nothing to spare for the children and we have to guarantee the happiness of our children for the cost of millions of gold.

By the warm love of the Marshal for rising generations, in our country all the children, whoever those living in the remote islets or deep mountains and those without parents, enjoys the universal compulsory 12 year education system and grows up into the future of our country and with their happy smiles the whole country and its future gets even brighter.

Yours sincerely,


On behalf of all the Korean Association for Friendship with Europe Countries