Suicide Is Intractable Problem in Japan

 Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) — Suicide has become a serious problem in Japan.

According to NHK, primary, secondary and high school students who committed suicide in 2019 numbered 317 and the number has exceeded 300 for the two straight years.

A university professor of Japan mentioned the need to press for thorough-going countermeasures to reduce the number of young people committing suicide.

In Tokyo recently, an elder brother stabbed his younger siblings before taking his own life.

The present situation is the inevitable outcome of unpopular policies pursued by the reactionary ruling quarters of Japan who regard people only as a tool for meeting their political ends, being indifferent to their hardships.

The suicide rate in Japan is 60 percent higher than the world average, long earning the country an ill fame of the “top country in suicide number”.

It is a corrupt country in which selfishness, mammonism and extreme misanthropy underlie the human and social relations.

The majority of the working masses fall a victim to a handful of the greedy luxury-seeking rich, being denied the elementary freedom and rights including the right to work and learn.

In Japan to which all sorts of corruptions and social evils are endemic, the situation of the weak like children, women and the elderly get more and more miserable, and schools and families turn into places for violence, maltreatment and murder.

A typical example are a woman, former advertisement company worker, who committed suicide after leaving a note reading “body and mind all torn to pieces” at the end of her toiling job and another woman who lamented that “she has no money to get hospital consultation and no person around to discuss with”.

Nothing can help those in despair and hopelessness in the corrupt society. No wonder, tens of thousands of people take their own lives every year and as a result, hundred thousands virtually “evaporate” from human world in Japan each year.

The unpopular social system and harsh rule by the reactionary rulers of Japan are the main causes that push people to such an extreme option.

However, the policy-makers of Japan claim empty measures of preventing suicide and probing the cause.

Prime Minister Suga who was the chief of Cabinet secretary earlier this year made an empty promise to “take thorough-going measure so as not to cause even a single person to commit suicide” but the number exploded to record high of over 1 800 in one month.

Upset by this, the Japanese government worked out a “white paper against suicide” and called for “making effective use of consultation windows including social communication network” but this is only to evade responsibility.

No solution to the suicide problem can be expected in Japan, world’s worst tundra of human rights abuses in which people’s right to existence is violated and they are pushed to extreme poverty and corruption. -0