Mastermind of massacre

The US imperialists provoked the Korean War in the 1950’s and slaughtered the Korean people in the cruelest means and ways that can be seen nowhere in the world during the three-year long Korean War.

The US imperialists made an indiscriminate bombing raid on the Korean Peninsula and even launched internationally banned germ and chemical warfare.

The US army, which sought pleasure in murder, arrested and detained the innocent people at random and tortured and killed them until the last day when they occupied some regions of north Korea.

The US imperialists committed mass slaughter in everywhere. They burnt the people to death by sprinkling gasoline on their bodies, burying them alive and tearing them limb from limb after cutting their noses and ears and gouging their eyes out.

The US brutalities were also committed in south Korea, too.

They gathered people saying they’ll evacuate them to a safe place and killed hundreds of people with bombing attack and machinegun and then massacred even the survivors escaped from the tunnel, by firing machinegun at them.

According to the order “Retake Seoul. Girls and women are in there. Seoul will belong to you”, the US army that was involved in Incheon landing operation massacred citizens in Seoul indiscriminately.

“See the south Koreans as an animal. Kill them without mercy”; the US generals’ orders added fuel to brutalities of the US soldiers and their homicidal nature threw Hitler and Mussolini into the shade.

The US army massacred the innocent people of all ages and both sexes in the cruelest way in Seoul, Busan, Gyeonggi Province, South Jolla Province, South and North Chungcheng Provinces, South and North Gyeongsang Provinces and Cheju Island during the Korean War under the pretext of “punitive operations against red guerrillas” and “arrest all people in touch with bandits”.

The Korean War showed clearly that the US imperialists are the aggressors, plunderers and murderers, not “liberator”, “supporter” and “protector”.