Root cause of aggression, war and provocation

On June 25, 1950, 75 years ago, the US instigated the south Korean army to ignite a war against the DPRK.

With northward advance of the south Korean army, the US fighters made an indiscriminate bombing raid on northern area and the US 7th fleet dived into waters off the Korean Peninsula.

The US expanded the war by committing fifteen satellite countries’ army and introducing huge amount of war hardware, while making fuss about “invasion of south” by north Korea.

The US resorted to all sorts of ways and means to retrieve its repeated defeats in the Korean War, while using internationally banned biochemical weapons.

Eventually, the US bent its knees before the DPRK and had to sign on the document of surrender for the first time in its history.

The US had suffered disastrous defeat in the Korean War, however, it has made desperate effort to provoke a new war.

The US turned south Korea into the biggest nuclear arsenal in the Far East in the 1970s and made out war scenario against the DPRK such as “OPLAN 5027”, “OPLAN 5029”and “OPLAN 5030” to conduct south Korea-US joint military drills.

It is the US which has aggravated the situation of the Korean Peninsula by conducting the south Korea-US joint military exercises including Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ulchi Freedom Guardian.

Now the US is making desperate attempts to provoke a new war.

The US conducted south Korea-US joint aerial drill and the US reconnaissance planes are executing reconnaissance flight against the north on a daily basis amid rapid worldwide spread of COVID-19.

The US strategic bomber B-1B known as “swan of death” flied over the sky of Wonsan in Kangwon Province and several kinds of air corps including B-52 made “show of force” to stifle the DPRK.

The US puts pressure upon south Korea to increase its share of defense cost for the US forces and puts spurs to perfect preparation for the war against the DPRK.

The US has tried to make experiment of germ weapon and turn south Korea into the place of germ warfare.

It has designated the DPRK as the “biggest threat” and attempted to forge the US-Japan-south Korea tripartite military alliance.

The US has revealed its sinister attempt to deal a preemptive strike to north Korea, while purchasing advanced war equipment including stealth fighters and Global Hawk.

The reality shows that the US is the root cause of aggression and war and impudent provoker.